Frequently Asked Questions

Some print products can be customized. These items are marked with a “Customize” button. You can learn how to customize a product here: hier. If you experience any problems during the customization process, first check whether your virus scanner is blocking the store.

Customizable products can be saved for subsequent activities during the customization process. These templates can be found in your user account under “My templates” and can be accessed and edited at any time. You can find the correct template under the template name you assigned when saving. Accidentally deleted templates cannot be recovered.

What is a QR code? QR codes are used to store information and make it easily accessible. QR stands for “Quick Response” => scanning the code quickly calls up the linked information or executes commands (e.g., open website). Thus, a QR code can be linked to specific content, e.g., it can replace a business card. Any camera, whether in a smartphone or tablet, can read and process QR codes via a corresponding app. We recommend using the URL of your own website as a QR code.

Nothing happens when you click on “Customize”? Please make sure your browser allows cookies from this URL ( and your virus scanner (mostly Kaspersky) is not blocking the store.

Have you made a mistake during customization and have NOT yet placed an order? If you have saved the template in your user account, it can be modified at any time.

Have you already ordered your personalized product and only now spotted a typo? Unfortunately, we cannot help at this point as this store is fully automated.

For certain print products a PDF is available in addition to the store images. This PDF can be found, if available, in the corresponding item details page under the “Description” link. These PDFs are purely intended to provide information about the respective items and may not be used for any other purpose. You are also not permitted to create your own print products with these PDFs or to use parts of the PDFs for other promotional activities.

Can’t find a print product in your desired language? Many languages are assigned to specific countries. For example, if you are registered in and browse the German store, you will not find French products. For French products you would need to select the French store.

Note: You cannot combine shopping carts from different stores. There must always be a separate check-out (purchase) per country.

Delivery times: Some products can be ordered with express shipping (delivery within 5 working days). If this option is not offered for a particular item, or is not selected, delivery usually takes place within 10 working days. Please note that some products need to be printed, assembled, and processed specifically for you. In such cases (e.g., exhibition stands, personalized folders, business cards) delivery can take up to 15 working days.

Delivery status: As soon as an order has been handed over to the shipping service provider, you will receive an email with the tracking number. This tracking number can also be viewed in your user account under the corresponding order.

Shipping costs: Free shipping is offered for orders with a value of EUR 75 or more.

Deliveries from different service providers for one order: This marketplace is a so-called “multi-brand store” – similar to amazon or Zalando. This means you can purchase different products from different suppliers in one shopping cart. Since these products are located in different places, each item requires a separate delivery. Therefore, your order may be split into multiple deliveries, for which you will receive different tracking numbers.

After placing an order you will receive an order confirmation via email. The invoice will be emailed to you separately. In addition, all orders are automatically stored in your user account including invoices.

Invoice corrections: Did you forget to enter your VAT number when placing your order, which caused the system to calculate the VAT incorrectly? Since this store is fully automated, unfortunately we cannot intervene. Therefore, please always carefully check your personal data in your user account.

Can orders be canceled? Since this is a fully automated store and your order is usually processed on the same day, orders cannot be canceled.

Do you want to return an item? You will find the option to return items in your user account. Please note that BEMER-Marketplace attaches great importance to environmentally sound practices. Our connected manufacturers are handpicked and selected specifically for your needs. This also means that we have limited resources and margins compared to Zalando or other global players – therefore, please do not order ten t-shirts and then just keep one! This would be uneconomical and we would have to discontinue these special offers and services permanently.

We are unable to accept returns for all customized products, since they are produced to order.

All valid codes from the Creatives Shop have been transferred to the Marketplace, where they can be redeemed.

Codes cannot be combined with each other. Only one code can be used per order.

Most codes are redeemable as percentage discounts on your shopping cart. Codes with an actual monetary value will be credited to your user account. Therefore, if there is any remaining credit after you have placed your order, the remaining amount can be redeemed on future orders by re-entering the code.

Did you enter a code during checkout, but your order was then canceled? This will have invalidated your code. In this case, please contact the appropriate Service Desk Center, stating the order number. We will issue a new code immediately.

My code is not working! Please check the spelling carefully. Often, a zero is mistaken for a capital “O”. If your code is still not accepted, please contact the appropriate Service Desk Center.

BEMER-Marketplace has negotiated with affiliated manufacturers to ensure that NO customs fees are charged to customers. However, should customs charges be payable in exceptional cases, we ask that you pay these fees to ensure that the shipment does not get stuck at customs. In this case, please contact the relevant Service Desk Center directly with a digital payment confirmation. We will then transfer the relevant amount back to you on the same day via the payment method used for your order.

You can make changes to your contact information in your account at any time. If a field cannot be changed, please contact the relevant Service Desk Center.

BEMER-Marketplace has integrated an experienced payment services provider. Based on their expertise, there are different payment options in the respective stores, so-called “local heroes”.

Based on many years of experience, we have decided not to offer “PayPal” or “purchase on account” as payment options.

Was your payment canceled? A payment transaction may take a few seconds. Please wait for it to complete and do not click on anything during this time. If your payment is repeatedly canceled, please contact your bank/credit card provider.

BEMER Marketplace rewards you for each purchase. You can use the points earned on previous purchases to reduce the cost of your order at any time.